How to Be Less Forgetful: 17 Task Tracking Tips for Business Owners


Memento (Chris Nolan’s masterpiece) is the story of a man who suffers from short term memory loss i.e. he can’t remember anything for more than 15 minutes.  This makes his life somewhat complicated, in that he needs to come up with a system to track his memories.  Interestingly it also simplifies it as having no memories allows him to live his life entirely in the present.   One of the many brilliant aspects of the film is that every time you watch it, it is a slightly different movie, as the memory of it does what memories do – they fade and dissolve and meld with other memories leaving us with an impression which is different from the actual events as they unfold.  This is why eyewitness testimony is often unreliable, and individuals’ recollections tend to vary significantly.

Our particular ability to remember … and forget is unique to all of us.  Some of us never forget a face while being hopeless with names.  Others have trouble with appointments  or where we left our keys.   I often have trouble finding the right word or forget the entire plot of a movie or book.  (Not to mention  chunks of my life that are completely missing).  Unfortunately , these memory malfunctions tend to get worse with age, so it is important to find ways to fend them off.  From a work and business perspective, forgetting something important can have severe consequences.   Below are some ideas to help you keep track of your tasks:

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