7 Qualities of Highly Desirable Clients

From the very funny "Clients from Hell"I want to create a rival to Twitter. So I want it exactly the same except where it says What’s Happening? I want it to say How are you feeling?”(

This pretty much sums up the type of client we don't want - unrealistic expectations, unimaginative and just plain clueless. Conversely, there are some clients that are a pleasure to deal with.  Ones that ask great questions, respect our work and make us feel happy to have chosen the entrepreneurial route.  Some qualities to look for in a truly desirable client are listed below:

1. Expectations:

A good client does not leave you guessing about what they want, when they want it and what they intend to pay for it.  Additionally, they understand your abilities, constraints and limitations and work with them.

2. Involvement:

Good clients are closely involved with the project at hand, without micro managing.  They provide the framework and expectations for the work that needs to be done, are available to ask and answer questions, yet respect your expertise and knowledge and trust you to make the right choices.

3. Passion:

My favourite clients are passionate about their businesses, and love what they do.  Passionate people are more concerned with producing a quality product or service and will do what it takes to achieve that goal.

4. Sense of Humour:

A sense of humour is an invaluable communication tool.  It helps to diffuse the frequent tensions that arise when the client expectations are different from your own.  It also makes meetings a lot more fun.

5. Respect:

A good client will genuinely respect what you do (that's why they hired you), and will come to you for advice on matters related to your field of expertise.

5. Resources:

Clients that don't feel the need to skimp on essential resources required to complete your work are rare and wonderful

6. Committment:

In some ways this is the most important quality.  A good client will honour their committments, remember your conversations (note: it is always good to have email communications when possible) and pay on time without haggling after the costs have been established.  A great client will not bargain at all.

7. Long Term:

The ideal client will respect your work enough to want to maintain a long term relationship with you AND refer you to their associates. 

In a perfect world, all our clients (and us) would embody these qualities.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world (unless you know how to control The Matrix), but it is possible to at least evaluate our clients to determine if they meet our minimum standards.  Better clients help us to focus on adding value, lower stress levels and ultimately contribute to building a stronger business.