Tax Advice for Last Minute Filers and Procrastinators

If you have filed your tax return, you are entitled to thumb your nose at those of us who are still trying to get it together.  Given that the deadline to file your tax return is imminent, you should probably drop what you are doing right now and make it happen.  For the majority of taxpayers, the stress of having to file your taxes far outweighs the actual complexity of completing the tax return itself, particularly when software is available for even the most “numbers challenged” individuals.  And for those who really don’t want to do it themselves, there are tax preparation offices everywhere that are just a google search away. 
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Tax Return Checklist for Individuals and Unincorporated Business Owners

The deadline to file our tax returns is quickly approaching, resulting in slight feelings of panic for some individuals and small business owners.  As someone who provides tax services for a living, I have found that (like with many things) the stress is far more manageable when you know exactly what you have to do (rather than a vague idea that documents need to be located and forms need to be filled in).  One of the best ways to mitigate this stress is to prepare a checklist.  If you are looking for a comprehensive tax checklist , David at The Tax Issue has prepared an excellent one and I recommend that you check it out.

The checklist below has some of the more common income, deductions and credits that the majority of taxpayers are likely to have:

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