3 Government Wage Subsidy Programs for Small Businesses

Budget limitations and inexperience can make hiring new employees a difficult decision for small business.  Happily the Government of Canada as well as the provincial governments have a variety of programs to stimulate hiring through tax credits and outright grants and subsidies.   Most popularly there is the Scientific Research and Experimental Development credit, which allows for substantial tax credits for businesses that engage in research and development  for businesses of all sizes.  For small business that are not not engaged in research and development, there are, however, several other, smaller programs that can both directly contribute to your bottom line and allow for expansion of your business.  Three of these are discussed below:

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  • R&D Credits for Small Business

Any business that carries out activities relating to development of a new product or process may be eligible for R&D Credits, up to 35%, on qualifying costs including wages, material costs, equipment and overhead.

  • 9 Phrases that Make Customers Happy

"I appreciate your business" and "I can solve your problem" are among phrases that please customers

  • Mistake not to Incorporate?

Protection against personal liability is a primary reason to for small businesses to incorporate. 

If you are unable to pay, the landlord could garner your wages, attach your bank account, put a lien on you house, or employ many other methods that would both make you life miserable and damage your personal credit