6 Strategies to Maintain your Sanity during Busy Season

Accountants across the world right now are mired in tax preparation madness, as they try to deal with the myriad of work that needs to be done before tax filing deadlines.  The period between January and April is universally referred to as busy season, a term which inspires dread and tests the mettle of even the most ambitious and hardworking accountants.  Of course busy season is not specific to accountants.  Retailers experience it during the lead up to Christmas while the hospitality industry tends to be busiest in June and July (Montreal’s grand prix weekend is both a boon and a logistical nightmare for hotels and restaurants).  In fact most small business owners have periods when they are swamped, which can be problematic if they are not able to handle it.  In the interest of avoiding premature hair loss and ensuring that your business continues its unabated growth, below are some simple, yet fundamental strategies, to help you cope:
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