New Revenue Quebec Requirements for Mandatory Billing/SRMs in Restaurants

To combat perceived tax evasion in the restaurant sector, Revenue Quebec(MRQ) has implemented a new program which requires all businesses in the restaurant sector to comply with certain rules, most notably the installation of a Sales Recording Module (SRM), that has been selected by the MRQ.  To compensate for the costs of installing the system, Revenue Quebec is (kindly?)offering a subsidy, the amount of which is dependent on the date of the installation.  Below are some of the key details relating to the program:
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The Perfect Tax System?

The perfect tax system, for most of us, is one where there are no taxes.  Since this is extremely unlikely in our lifetimes (and many more to come), most tax regimes could still use a complete overhaul.  According to this article in The Economist, a group of economists headed by Sir James Mirrlees has proposed radical tax reform, arguing that the "most governments could find a way to raise the amount of money they need from the tax system while imposing much lower costs than they currently do".
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