Noteworthy - Sept 12, 2010: Rule of 20 for Retirement Savings, Tips for Saving on Hotel Rooms, Will Drafting Software Reviewed

  • How much do you need to retire? The Rule of 20.

This article at Canadian Finance reveals how for every dollar of desired retirement income you need to have $20 of savings in your retirement account.  Desired retirement income calculations should deduct estimated government pension income (assuming that we still have a pension fund) and apply a factor of 20.

  • How To Save Money on Hotel Rooms

Boomer and Echo discuss 5 ways to save money when getting a hotel room, including calling the hotel directly after identifying discounts with online travel sites like Expedia.  Since hotels have to pay a fairly high fee to these sites, they are often happy to extend a discount directly to the customer as it ends up costing  them less.

The NYT looks at 4 software options for writing a will and concludes that it is still useful to have a lawyer at least review it.  Any will drafting software has inherent limitations and does not provide for situation specific advice and guidance. 


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