Coworking in Montreal: Benefits and Locations

Working from home has many benefits for small business owners, but it also has several drawbacks.  It can be isolating, can lead to laziness, a lack of discipline and may not be the most professional environment in which to meet people.  And it requires cleaning up (try to get a coffee stain out of your living room carpet can cut into precious work time).  Similarly a coffee shop can be noisy and distracting and is not usually conducive to longer work hours.  On the other hand, renting an office can be expensive, formal and usually requires a committment whether you own it or rent it. 

For those who want to have access to an office without incurring the costs, coworking can be a great compromise.  Coworking allows independent workers, business professionals, artists etc to work in a shared space.  Coworking spaces generally offer a social and collaborative environment and have several benefits as follows:

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