5 Ways to Be More Like Howard Stern

When Howard Stern talks, people listen.  They may not always agree with what he says.  In fact they often vehemently disagree, but it can be difficult to turn him off.  The first time I actually heard him (after hearing so much about him), I found his routine to be obnoxious and shallow, yet I was inextricably drawn and unable to change the station.  Fast forward to about a year ago (As a Canadian I didn’t really have access) I heard him again on Sirius (in our Ford rental equipped with satellite radio) interviewing Francis Ford Coppola.  Coppola spoke about with total candour about Apocalypse Now and his family and his sex life.  And it was among the best interviews I had ever heard.  Sterns questions were incisive and provocative.  He listened when Coppola spoke (Jon Stewart take note) and asked questions that no other interviewer would dare ask.  Most importantly, it was all about Coppola.  And that is perhaps what raises Stern above the fray – he has the rare ability, especially for a celebrity of his calibre, to eschew his ego. 
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