Coworking in Montreal: Benefits and Locations

Working from home has many benefits for small business owners, but it also has several drawbacks.  It can be isolating, can lead to laziness, a lack of discipline and may not be the most professional environment in which to meet people.  And it requires cleaning up (try to get a coffee stain out of your living room carpet can cut into precious work time).  Similarly a coffee shop can be noisy and distracting and is not usually conducive to longer work hours.  On the other hand, renting an office can be expensive, formal and usually requires a committment whether you own it or rent it. 

For those who want to have access to an office without incurring the costs, coworking can be a great compromise.  Coworking allows independent workers, business professionals, artists etc to work in a shared space.  Coworking spaces generally offer a social and collaborative environment and have several benefits as follows:


Coworking spaces usually have different pricing plans depending on your needs.  You can drop in a couple of times a week or use it everyday. 

Professional Environment:

A coworking space offers a more professional environment in which to meet clients.  Most spaces offer conferences rooms which can be booked in advance. 

Cost Effective:

Coworking spaces can be significantly cheaper than renting an office.  Additionally the committment level is significantly lower.  You can often test out the space without making any committment whatsoever.  Coworking spaces generally offer the same amenities as an office including kitchens, wireless internet and storage space.

Networking opportunities:

You get to meet with "coworkers'  who can prove to be a valuable source of new business.  Additionally it allows you to draw on others professional expertise for issues relating to your business in an informal environment.

Social Atmosphere:

Working from home can be isolating and distracting, but often we get into a rut (pajamas are way too comfortable) and find it difficult to leave.  Having a space that you pay for is more likely to get you out of the house and interact with the real world.

Tax Deductible:

Amounts paid for a coworking membership are tax deductible.

Coworking Spaces in Montreal:


Location/Contact Details:

Montreal's mile end district at 5369 St-Laurent, #430 Montréal, Québec H2T 1S5. 

Ranges from $50 a year for access to meeting and conference rooms to $350 per month for a reserved work station, key and access code.   The membership plans are quite flexible.
Other Features:
Our conference and meeting rooms provide a  quiet and professional alternative to meeting clients at a home office or hectic cafe. From our custom made tables and comfortable chairs, to our espresso machine and the location of the building itself, Station C has been purposefully designed to catalyze and accelerate ideas, connections, and meaningful work. We believe that an inspirational and dynamic process manifests itself in truly innovative and purposeful results.
They are open for drop ins Monday through Thursday from 10am to 5pm.


Location/Contact Details: 

880 rue Roy E., suite 300, Montréal Québec H2L 1E6 | | +1-514-564-8636


Range from $25 per day for dropping in to $350 per month which allows for 24/7 access and storage space.

Other Features:

Membership comes with use of meeting spaces (when available), the privilege to invite non-members (clients, associates, others) to the space for work sessions. access to all ECTO events and the possibility to host your own events.

All membership plans come with:

  • High-speed internet access
  • Unlimited (reasonable) printing and fax
  • Web presence on the site
  • Coffee, tea and muffins



Location/Contact Details:

5445 rue De Gaspé, #1016 Montréal (QC), H2T 3B2 Métro Laurier Phone / Fax: 514.528.9706


The rate appearas to be fixed at $250 for access to a workstation, conference, kitchen etc.  There also seems to possibilities for drop in rates, however you will need to contact them.

Other Features:

  • key and 24 hour access
  • access to wireless, high speed internet
  • access to the conference room
  • kitchen area
  • lounge
  • wall for exhibition
  • computing and multimedia equipments
  • space secured by an alarm system


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