Accountant Shenanigans: Revenue Canada (employees)

Three Revenue Canada employees have been implicated in a criminal investigation by the RCMP for alleged fraud relating to R&D claims.  The company in question, Delvex Consulting Group, supposedly helped 3 construction companies' to apply for almost $600,000 in credits, most of which were disallowed by Revenue Canada.  Details of the allegation include:

  • Adriano Furgiuele, one of the three employees and brother of one of the owners of Delvex, helped falsify a tax audit for B.T. Ceramique.

  • Francesco Bruno, owner of B.T. Ceraminque, used Shell companies to helpe Tony Accurso (who is at the centre of controversy involving his construction firms, government officials and union leaders) hide $4.5 million in revenues.

  • B.T.'s accountant had an action plan detailing the steps that should be taken to avoid a tax audit. The plan, apparently, was written by Furgiuele.

  • Another company owned by Mr. Bruno generated invoices with fake GST number for Mr. Accurso's companies. These invoices were not declared by the company.

  • Two of the employees had $1.7million at a bank in the Bahamas, which was later transferred to Switzerland in 2006 (after their banker was charged with laundering in the US)

This article in Macleans's highlights some of the sordid details that surround the investigation of the construction industry in Quebec.